Kitchen Connect Consulting is a restaurant consulting company offering cash strapped industry a respite from the standard gauging of consultancy.  As an organization we pride ourselves in providing value in multiple facets.  Deliverables are the core of any industry and the weak point for a lot of hospitality operators.  We deliver tested recipes that are clear to even the most inexperienced kitchen staff.  Operate in a cloud-based system to provide these items to each and every person in need.

We offer hourly rates as well as project fees, which are negotiated on an individual basis.  We will find a structure that is acceptable for almost any budget.

Kitchen Connect Consulting offers hospitable navigational advise through transitions in corporate and small business structure, and placement changes.  We take the time to understand a teams individual employee needs and wants, while churning this information into a strategy that makes sense for the greater good of the company.

We are an ideal partner while your team is growing, or navigating a cost cutting scenario.

Kitchen design is another area that we have considerable experience.  From QSR to Michelin star, our background offers a diverse look at functionality and efficiency.  Through our diverse network, we can recommend trusted designers and coordinate the process with all parties from the initial measurements, to the install.

In short, our principle has over twenty years of restaurant industry experience managing, owning, and operating on every level of back of house in current existence.